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The Soil Project

We begin here.

Home Composting

Easier than you think:

Indoor, leak-proof, odourless, pest-free, escape-proof.

We wanted an indoor composter without the mess, stress or look of a composter. 

We were tired of compromising so we designed a better way to compost. 
Introducing The Soil Project's Indoor Vermitower. No-stress compost in 45 days with continued, in-person support and even holiday-sitting options. Get in touch to find out more and start composting today!

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Net Covering Crops

The Project

Our aim is to regenerate hot, sandy and salty environments using organic wastes from as many local sources as possible. 

Through layering the right resources in the right place at the right time, we can turn waste into regeneration and rehabilitate our soils, even in the most formidable environments. 

We take a hands-on approach to developing practical solutions for people who are looking for innovative ways to live more sustainably, using nature and animal welfare as our guide.


Regeneration is in your hands. 



We specialise in worm (vermi) composting and hot composting in hot, dry environments. Whether you're looking for indoor odourless, discrete composting options or outdoor plastic-free solutions, we can help you conveniently repurpose your food waste and return fertility to your soils.



Looking to grow something tasty and interesting? Engage your children and wow your neighbours with our collection of heirloom seeds. Furthermore, having living roots in your soil protects it from erosion, minimises water loss and improves the nutritional content of your fruits and vegetables.




The right animal, the right plant, the right place and the right time. Add a dash of green technology, put it all together and get nature to do the work! We layer different plants and animals to mimic healthy, diverse environments so we can improve water efficiency, diversify soil life and increase soil fertility even in hot, dry environments. 

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No matter your operation or situation, life finds a way.

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Whether you are looking to make your school more sustainable, minimise your food waste, integrate growing into your lessons or find someone to help you get your project off the ground, get in touch! We have 15 years' combined teaching experience in British, IB, Swiss and International curricula and we can help!

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Homes & Businesses

Looking to do your part to reduce food waste but not sure where to start? Whether you're living in a villa with lots of under-used outdoor space or an apartment with minimal room, we have composting solutions to fit any set up. 

Maybe you've tried composting before and it hasn't gone the way you'd hoped- don't worry. We're here to help!


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Desperate to start composting but all the advice on the internet is for temperate environments where it rains? Maybe you tried composting like you did in your home country but it all went haywire here - don't despair! We specialise in various composting methods in hot, arid, salty environments and we are also professional educators. We won't just teach you how to get started but how to be a successful composter in the desert!



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