Meet Our Team

Contribution takes all forms

Justine the Human


Justine is a qualified teacher, amateur butter enthusiast (see: The International Butter Club), former gymnast, tortoise wrangler, unqualified librarian, exhausted parent and nut-allergy-sufferer. After years of accidentally gleaning information from various resources about microbiomes as a way to possibly cure her allergy, she has started to suspect that soil may be quite an important component. She founded The Soil Project to share what she has learnt and to help her collate her messy brain. She enjoys cooking and compost worms, though not at the same time. She is currently dreaming about chasing a nap. 


Shelly the Sulcata

Manure Supplier

Shelly is our chief manure supplier and soil agitator. She goes by many aliases, including Lady Reptar, Voldetort (when she's re-landscaping her mummy's garden), Torty Spice, Mary Shelly and her birth name, Sammie. She is at least 10 years old and has excellent neck skin. Shelly's main goal in life is to get into the house. She enjoys sand, being covered in sand, tracking sand into the house, flinging sand about the garden, tomatoes and pumpkin. She is currently chasing a nap.


Shredder the Greyhound

Chief Aerator & Security

Shredder is mainly responsible for aerating the lawn with his zoomies, being soft, and providing security. He is terrible at the latter, though he is an excellent trip hazard. He enjoys being fast, taking up space, bacon, rides in the car, being large, sleeping and ear scratches. He does not enjoy thunder, manicures or the hoover. Shredder is ambivalent about the doorbell, hence being awful at security. He is currently chasing a nap.


Thing 1 & Thing 2

Contributors & Assistants at Large

Thing 1 and Thing 2 joined The Soil Project in 2018, though they were born in 2011 and 2013. They have come around to the idea of compost worms as housemates... though their favourite pet is Captain Cannibal, the fish. They enjoy eating, making noise, crashing their mother's video shoots and asking questions. They do not enjoy pizza, cheese or pasta. Weirdos. They are currently defiantly refusing all naps.