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All print resources are available on Amazon but the links below are to independent publishers and/or distributors where possible in order to support smaller businesses, especially in a post-COVID world. Please consider buying local or second-hand to minimise our global footprint.

Salad Bar Beef
Joel Salatin

The Hidden Half of Nature
David R. Montgomery & Anne Biklé

Mycelium Running
Paul Stamets


ISBN 9780963810952

ISBN 9780393353372

ISBN 9781580085793

One of Salatin's earlier publications, Salad Bar Beef details a grass-based beef production model with sections devoted to composting waste and improving pastures with compost. Many details can be adapted to lawn care, small-scale gardening and soil building.

Microbes at their complicated, interconnected best. Anne and David detail the importance of restoring microbial soil health and how it impacts the health of all organisms that depend on it, including humans.

Very detailed information, clearly compiled over years of research and cultivating mushrooms. Impressive number of full colour photographs give context to information, methods and instructions. Provides excellent information on the importance of fungi in soil profiles.

The Omnivore's Dilemma
Michael Pollan


ISBN 9780143038580

Through our Support Services, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at The Soil Project, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

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