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Indoor Vermicompost Tower

Indoor, pest-free, odourless, escape-proof worm composting! We spent years analysing composting worm preferences in hot, dry, air conditioned environments and devised a system that uses natural features to create a safe space for your compost worms and provide discrete, tidy composting towers that are perfect for indoor use. 
See below for its unique features!

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Soil Air Lock

We use living soil to provide a safe 'lid' for the worm bin. Using the right type and amount of soil keeps moisture in the worm towers without letting odours escape. It also allows for the correct amount of ventilation whilst having an air tight seal around the perimeter of the bin - keeping pests away while allowing for the exchange of air and water. 


Living Root

A living root in the soil air lock keeps the soil microbiome well diversified and at the optimal equilibrium for plant life and worm development. Sometimes worms even hang out in the roots of the lid plant - leaving extra nutrition right where it's needed! The plant helps indicate the correct level of soil moisture and disguise your vermicomposting tower as nothing more than a potted plant. No need for a humidity reader - just keep the plant alive!

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Multiple Tiers

Worms love to lay cocoons (and therefore hatch babies) in their own worm compost. We provide extra tiers so that when your starter ring fills up, you just add a second, then a third tier! That way, you provide a safe place for your worm population to grow, but that still remains accessible and harvestable. Your worms will be more productive because they always have a 'safe space' to hang out and breed in. It's a great learning tool, too, because you can access different stages of the composting process and worm life cycle!


Enclosed Bottom

Most worm bins have a complicated, finicky tray and spigot combination at the bottom, or just a drip tray and we found this just didn't work for us. Our bottom is enclosed and we provide special bedding that can remain at the bottom to provide any stragglers a safe and nutritious place to hang out until they're reunited with the main population. 

What's more, there are no unsightly leaks. No drips to stain floors. No mess to clean up. No leachate to attract flies. The Soil Project's vermicomposting tower is tidy and discrete. 

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We don't sell worms. 

The most difficult part of having a worm bin is starting it up. Sourcing composting worms in the UAE is a real challenge, let alone acclimatising them to a strange worm bin. 

What's more, standard commercial worm bins available on the internet are designed to be too porous for indoor, air conditioned living situations. This creates unhappy worms and unhappy worms go wandering. 

We sell vermicomposting solutions that are carefully designed to keep composting worms happy, safe and within the tower - and your tower comes pre-stocked and up-and-running from The Soil Project as a convenience for you. 

No stressing about sourcing, shipping and acclimatising worms - your composting critters are already happily 'home' when they come to you!

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Vet Checks

Most people come to The Soil Project for advice on vermicomposting after they've tried it at least once before. 
Our vermicomposting towers come with monthly vet checks to ensure that you're on the right track, whether you're a novice or an expert! The Soil Project is rooted in education and firmly advocates for all people to be lifelong learners. 
We provide guidance on moisture levels in all sections of the vermicomposting tower, tips and tricks on what and how to feed, advice on troubleshooting, worm health checkups (and what to do if something goes wrong!), how to harvest your castings and general support. 

We even have special Grit Bits and Baby Booster to get your worms going into overdrive!

We're here to help you be the best vermicomposter you can possibly be, whilst also providing an environment that provides high welfare standards for the humble, vital and under-appreciated worm! 

Want to know more?

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