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Video Resources: News
Image by Christian Wiediger
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@The Grassfed Exchange, August, 2016

American no-till advocate and soil health specialist with connections to the National Resources Conservation Service with the USDA. See 7:20 for soil integrity comparison and 16:22 for soil permeability comparison. 

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@ Permaculture Voices, March 2014

Dr Ingham has her own YouTube channel but most of her content is uploaded by organisations at which she speaks. She is the founder of the Soil Food Web and specialises in the microbiology of soil. This is her introductory talk on building healthy soil.

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The Sustainable Food Trust, July 2018

Salatin is our beloved rockstar lunatic farmer first profiled in Food Inc. and The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. He is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about 'holons', different ways animals work together to process and cycle their environment's waste.

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SARE Outreach, March 2018

Dr. Montgomery came to soil health through landscaping, both professionally and personally. He is an excellent writer, speaker and historian. He works at the University of Washington where he teachers geology.

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Daily Dump, February 2011

Murthy is a waste management expert in India who has a particular passion for all types of composting. She has her own YouTube channel and website she she sells various composters for every single possible composting need. Her videos are short and sweet but she also has an EcoTalks series with more information.  



A seminal documentary on the industrial food system featuring many important journalists, authors, researchers and employees, including Eric Schlosser, Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin.

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